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Ok, I know.. these prices can make you sick to your stomach.  If we only knew then what we know now, we would have bought a fleet of mustangs and garaged them!

Prices as of January 1, 1967
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2-Door Hardtop $2,461.46
Convertible $2,698.14
2+2 Fastback $2,592.17


289-cubic inch 200-HP V8 $105.63
289-cubic inch 225-HP V8 $158.48
289-cubic inch 271-HP V8 (with GT Equipment Group only) $433.55
390-cubic inch 320-HP V8 $263.71


Cruise-O-Matic with six $188.18
Cruise-O-Matic with 200 or 225 HP V8 $197.89
Cruise-O-Matic with 271 or 320 HP V8 $220.17
4-Speed Manual Transmission with 200 or 225 HP V8 $184.02
4-Speed Manual Transmission with all other V8s $233.18
Heavy Duty 3-Speed Manual Transmission
Required with 320 HP V8


Power Front Disc Brakes $64.77
Power Steering $84.47
Power Convertible Top $52.95


Battery, Heavy Duty (Standard on 390 with A/T $7.44
Extra Cooling Package (Standard with SelectAire) 6 cylinder $9.10
Extra Cooling Package (Standard with SelectAire) 8 cylinder $10.47
GT Equipment Group (with V8s only) $205.05
Heavy Duty Suspension (V8 Engines) $30.64
High Ratio Axle $2.63
Limited-Slip Differential $41.60
Tachometer and Trip Odometer $54.45
Styled Steel Wheels (2+2 only) $93.84
Styled Steel Wheels (All Others) $115.11
Competition Handling Package (with GT Equipment Group only) $388.53
Tinted Windows and Windshield $30.25
Convenience Control Panel $39.50
Fingertip Speed Control (requires V8 and Cruise-O-Matic) $71.30
Remote-Control Outside Mirror (Standard 2+2) $9.58
Convertible Safety Glass Rear Window $32.44
SelectAire Conditioner $356.09
Push-Button Radio AM $57.51
Push-Button Radio AM/FM $133.65
Stereo-Sonic Tape System (AM Radio Required) $128.49
2+2 Folding Rear Seat and Access Door (Sport Deck Option) $64.77
Full-Width Front Seat (N.A. 2+2) $24.42
Tilt-Away Steering Wheel $59.93
Rear Deck Luggage Rack (2+2) $32.44
Comfort Weave Vinyl Trim (N.A. Convertible) $24.53
Center Console (requires Radio) $50.41
Deluxe Steering Wheel $31.52
Exterior Decor Group $38.86
Lower Back Panel Grille $19.48
Interior Decor Group (Convertible) $94.36
Interior Decor Group (All Others) $108.06
Two Tone Paint (Lower Back Grille) $12.95
Accent Paint Stripe $13.90
Vinyl-Covered Roof (Hardtop) $74.36
Wheel Covers (Standard 2+2) $21.34
Wire Wheel Covers (2+2) $58.24
Wire Wheel Covers (All Others) $79.51
Wide-Oval Sports Tires (V8 Required) $62.35
Typical Whitewall Tire Option $33.31
Rocker Panel Molding (Standard 2+2) $15.59
MagicAire Heater (Delete Option) (31.52)


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